Recording iPad screens

Dear Articulate Community,

I need some advice please.  Most of my eLearning development has been creating modules for using software applications on a PC.  However, we are now moving towards many staff using iPads to record job tasks, etc. whilst working out of the office (and many of these staff work in non-office type roles so don't necessarily have a lot of technology experience).  We believe short videos showing then how to do these tasks on an iPad will be helpful to them out in the field if they forget or need some confidence building.

I'm wondering how you go about recording iPad screens to show the taps etc.  I'm thinking either you would have to video yourself doing the task on an iPad, or re-create it on a PC and add some call out boxes or something to indicate the taps? 

This is a whole new world to me.  So if any of you have done such things well in the past and can point me in the right direction please, I would be most grateful.

Thank you :)


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Yvette Healey

Hello, Michael!

Did you have success recording a mirrored iPAD screen into an Articulate Screencast? I'm specifically interested in whether the "View", "Try", and "Test" Modes work when mirroring an iPAD screen on your PC, given that there is no "mouse" to follow. Does Articulate Storyline 2 use mouse movements to differentiate between different steps of a screencast for View, Try and Test modes? And, if so, does this mean mirrored iPAD actions, which CAN be made into a movie and imported, can only be viewed as movies when imported into Articulate Storyline 2, but are NOT recognizable as screencasts? Thank you for sharing any insights!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Yvette - Not sure if Michael is still subscribed here, but hopefully someone familiar with that application will be able to pop in and assist you here. 

I would venture to say that you are correct as the record screen options within Storyline do rely on mouse movement.

If you do not hear back from anyone soon, you are welcome to reach out to Michael directly as well via the 'Contact Me' option on the user profile.