recreating engage pyramid interaction

Sep 12, 2012

In Storyline (SL) I'm trying to recreate the Pyramid interaction from Engage. I've got layers down the way I want and I've got the Next button disabled so user have to click each element of the pyramid before progressing but what I can't seem to get is the 3d look of the pieces of the pyramid from Engage. I'm not happy with the preset selections available. Any thoughts or suggestions on recreating this look?


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Belen Casado

Hi Jesse,

I was looking for the same.

I've been asked by a client to update a course made in Presenter, with many Engage interactions, into Storyline.

There's a pyramid, so I tried to do something similar to the Engage interaction without thinking too much on it (low budget).

I built a pyramid in Power Point (Smart Art) and then I put some shapes over it with some layers. 

I enclose the .story.

Belén Casado

Antony Snow

Hi Jesse and Belen,

I too needed to replicate the pyramid interaction from Engage in Storyline for a recent project. Like you, Belen, I created the shapes I needed in PowerPoint, saved them as images and then inserted them into Storyline.

I have had to remove the actual content and slide design, but I attach my version if it is of any use to either of you.


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