Redoing a Flash interaction

Oct 28, 2019


I am tasked with redoing an Flash interaction. It has light bulbs in an arch and the end user needs to find the bad bulb. There are three versions to finding the bad bulb. Shotgun Method, Linear Method, and Half-split Method. The Half-split Method is supposed to be the most efficient. The interaction provides the end user to try each method multiple times and tracks the clicks and the time for each time the end user does each method. 

Has anyone seen or done anything like this in storyline? I usually use Storyline 3, but have access to Storyline 360. Attached is a small movie of the interaction. 


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Michael Hinze

It may not exactly replicate the current Flash piece, but this type of interaction can be done in Storyline. You can use a variable that counts the clicks and create a custom timer  to keep track on the duration. You can also use a variable to randomize which bulb is considered broken. Each of the three methods could be created on a separate layer (or separate slide).

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