Referenced variables are rendering in a much smaller font than what is attributed to in the text box that contains the reference.

Jun 04, 2020

I have created a variable to hold an on screen instructions for an interaction that gets duplicated over 15 times.  I have formatted this reference to be a 14 point font.  When it renders it renders as something closer to a 4 point font.  Is this a known issue?  Is there a workaround?

Example attached.  It's slide 4 and the second line of text on the screen.  

I would really like to solve this as I would like to use this functionality quite a bit throughout the course to save me from tedious edits down the road.

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Tom Kuhlmann

Text boxes with variables are a little nuanced because they're dynamic. When you insert it, Storyline doesn't know what it will display. So that space is reserved to display the text.

When you set a point value, let's say 30, then the text will display the text at 30 pt if there's enough space to display all the text. If not, it scales the text down to fit in the box.

In your example, you need to make the text box wider and higher.

Here's a video where I show it.

BTW, nice looking demo.

For others, if you're interested in learning more about variables check out this resource on the training page.

Mary-Scott Hunter

Thanks Tom!  That works!

One additional question, I noticed you can embed html tags to control font color, bold and italics.  Do you know if there is an equivalent tag for font size?  (Actually just watched the whole video and looks like you answered my question and that that is not possible).

Thanks again for your help.

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