Relative Path Example

Dec 08, 2017

I need to host my training on multiple servers. Can someone give me an example of the format I would use to link a hotspot to a file in a different folder while keeping it a relative path? I'm using the action: Jump to URL/File. I've given it my best guess but it tells me "Invalid URL or file not found."


My absolute path of the file I want to link to is: H:\Online Trainings\Output Storytime with Sign\SWS_School output\story_html5.html

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Anna.  I want to get a little clarification before being able to make a suggestion.

It sounds like you have 2 Storyline courses; the one that is hosted at the above URL (course A), and the other from which you are linking to that course (course B).

  • Is course A published for web?  And are you hosting it on a shared network drive in your company?
  • Tell me a bit more about how course B is published and where it will be hosted, also.


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