Javascript to internal LMS issue using Javascript

We are trying to execute javascript in a trigger which does a redirect of the current page using window.location = '[url]'; We are launching the unit from [current url]/story.html When we run the unit and click on the trigger, instead of redirecting to [url], it is redirecting to [current url]/[url]. Do you know why it would assume the redirect is to a relative path, and how to override this behavior?

Is Storyline forcing this into a relative path??


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Steve Flowers

It's not something that Storyline is doing since you're using a JS trigger. As Michael mentions, if your sending it to another site, you'll want to use http: / https:

One caution with LMS and e-learning products. It's common behavior for the LMS to close the window if a redirect takes it away from the LMS API. You might see this if you try to redirect a SCO to another location outside of the LMS and the content package.