Relevance of Storyline settings when using Storyline in Review360 as a Rise component


In the SL publish menu, if I use the Review 360 tab to publish a SL block  for use in a Rise course, Properties options include Player, Quality, Publish, and Tracking.

If I publish an SL block using the LMS tab, I have the same Properties options PLUS the Output option which includes additional Reporting and Tracking options. The Reporting option includes selectors for the LMS (SCORM version & edition, TinCan, etc.) as well as "Report status to LMS as" option.

For an SL block I'm publishing to Review 360, do the selections in the LMS tab have any impact? 



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Joanna Miller

Thanks for your reply, Leslie. I publish the Rise course for our LMS. However, we've run into the same issue discussed here. As part of our troubleshooting for this vexing problem, we are interested in learning whether the choices we make in the SL LMS tab have any impact on the Review360 SL block. 

Leslie McKerchie

I appreciate you linking to the other conversation, Joanna.

To confirm, you have:

  1. Created a course with a quiz in Storyline 360 that you've published to Review 360.
  2. Added this Storyline block to your Rise 360 course.
  3. Published your Rise 360 course to your LMS and set it to track via quiz in the Storyline block.

When you track a Storyline block using a quiz result slide, Rise 360 considers the block complete when learners reach the result slide. They don’t have to pass the quiz. They just have to complete it.

To require learners to pass a quiz before moving on, add a course completion trigger to the success layer on the result slide. Click here to see an example of how the trigger might look.

And when you publish, track your Storyline course using the completion trigger rather than the quiz result. Since the completion trigger in this scenario only works if learners pass the quiz, Rise 360 won’t let them continue if they fail the quiz.