reload base slide after closing lightbox

Aug 09, 2012

I have a base slide with a variable set to false. An object on that slide is in the Practice state that I created for it. You click to open a lightbox and do something in there that changes the variable to true.  When you close the lightbox, the base slide does recognize the variable is now true.

I'm trying to change the state based on that variable when it returns to the base slide.  However, my trigger isn't working. The variable is now true, and I have a trigger that says:

Change state of object to PracticeDone when the timeline starts if variable is equal to true

But the state doesn't change on the base slide after the lightbox closes (even though I know the timeline restarts).  I've tried the various slide properties about loading, and none have worked.  The closest is setting it to Reset to Initial State.  It doesn't work when the lightbox closes, but if you switch to another slide and back again, it does show the object in the PracticeDone state.

I know the timeline is starting because I tested it by having something come on a few seconds late, and it is starting from the start of the timeline.  Ideas?  Is there anyway to "refresh" the base slide when the lightbox closes?

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Diana Myers

Hi Paul...  I don't think the 2-trigger set up you described will work because the first trigger will execute, but the second trigger won't because you've already left the lightbox where the trigger "lives."  Have you tried just using a "jump to desired scene" trigger on the invisible object the learner clicks?

If you're still stuck after trying that, take a look at the "mock lightbox" post on page 1 of the comments.  If you have any questions, I'm happy to help.  Good luck! 

Clingendael Academy -  Communication

Hi Diana,

I have, but this doesn't seem to work properly either I'm afraid. I appreciate your efforts in constructing the light boxes, but they still show to much disontinuity with the real ones elsewhere in the course for me.

Is this a bug that's on Articulate's radar at all? Perhaps I should submit a report.

Diana Myers

Hi Paul, so happy to hear that you found a solution that works for you.  If you can, would, you please share a "generic" version of your file so others can see/deconstruct what you did?  Much appreciated if you can!

As a follow up, did you do anything to prevent the users from clicking the default X close button on the lightboxed slide?

Clingendael Academy -  Communication

That seems to be the next step in solving the issue, which might prove more difficult. I could instruct users to "click anywhere to return", but they still might intuitively use the red cross. From what I can gather elsewhere on the fora, the only workaround for this does involve mock lightboxes, which would cost me a lot more work and would screw up other conditionalities I have in the course (such as progress meters).


I'll create a generic version soon when I have a little bit more time. Thanks for the help Diana.

Nejc Žorga Dulmin

I have actually had this problem and I am happy to say, that I have solved it. :)

The trick is to have something on the slide that notices, that the variable has changed. So what I did was I had an object - a circle - off the slide on a motion path that loops.

So what you need then is just one more trigger that says:

  • Change the state of my Slide-object to Finish,
  • When Circle animation completes
  • On the condition that variable Lightbox_finished = True.

Hope that's clear. :)

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