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Feb 03, 2016


I created a function in JQuery to change the image in a div with a number parameter that marks the progressive number.

I entered the page.html as a web object into a slide and only works with the first imagine, but if I click on the button to change image through a new id, while controlling the process function step by step, it does not work! With the browser does it all!

It is not a function issue, it seems that once loaded the contents of the web object can not change the content of the html page!
Perhaps it would be enough to reload the web object!
Do you have any advice?
Thank you

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Hi Stefano,

Why you want to add to web objects, you will add the random number code to your layer and assign to storyline variable when the timeline starts of you layer. you will insert all images in to your main slide and hide all images. finally you will show the images one by one. For example if the random number is 1 means show first image state == Normal when variable(random No) change(random No == 1) then hide all other images. Finally you will loop your layer (write the trigger show layer this layer when time line ends for looping). 

Stefano Todaro

Hi Prakash,

you're right, but your solution has a major limitation, the amount of images.

My goal is to replace images dynamically via a trigger JavaScript from a JQuery function that launches a select PHP in a MySQL DB.

What I realized is that the execution of a generation of dynamic objects through JQ functions works to the Web Object loading but then you can not modify it because the Web object is not updated!

Now do you understand what I want to achieve?

This URL show you what i want to do, but through botton inside file.html:

This URL shows what they are not yet able to do in SL:

Clicking the button there is no change of image and JQ function is the same!

Thanks for your help

Stefano Todaro

Hi Prakash,

I analyzed story.js and found a function that should update the Web Object> UpdateWebObjects (nSlideXOffset, nSlideYOffset);

I tried to insert the object's position coordinates as parameters in the javascript trigger coupled to the button after my JQ function, but nothing happens!

Do you know if the SDK Storyline 2 can be useful to me?

Thanks for your help

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