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Sep 30, 2016

Hello Storyline community. I thought there was a way to remove scene and slide numbering? But I can't seem to find the way.  I only have 1 scene with a video I inserted. Is there a way to remove scene and slide number in front of each? Thanks!

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Ali Goulet

Hi Ally- Happy Friday! Thanks for reaching out here. If you go to Home > Player > Menu > then click the little gear under the box for "Properties", there will be an option that says "Number Entries in the Menu automatically". If you uncheck that, the numbers will no longer be included in the player menu. See the screenshot below:Settings

Hope that's helpful! :)

Ali Goulet

Hi Ally, When you reply via email it won't include the screenshot but you're welcome to pop in the thread here and share it using the "Add Attachment" feature in the comment box.

Also- when you unselect that box for number entries, you'll still see the numbers in the left pain that shows the scenes/slides included in your course. However, if you look at the right pane that shows the preview of the player you'll see that the numbers are no longer there. If you're still seeing the numbers on the right pane preview, can you share your .story file here so I can take a closer look. You can also add that as an attachment here in the thread. Thanks! 

Ali Goulet

Hi Ally- Due to the interactive nature of Storyline 2, it's hard to determine an exact length of a course as that will vary from user to user. You mentioned yours is only one scene with a video- if there are no elements based on interactivity (such as showing things based on clicks, or having the slides advance by user for instance) you could determine an approximate length by adding up the timeline lengths for each slide.

Ally K

The video has no interactivity but shows as 29 minutes in length in the timeline.
But the video is actually only 5 minutes.
I am not sure if it will close correctly or acknowledge the video has ended.
The video is an MP4 inserted and created by outside vendor.

Do you know if it will close correctly is I leave the length at 29 minutes?
I copied a previous course that had this length. And I changed the name in the player.

Sorry I have more questions.
Thank you very much.

Ally K

Yes, I have to listen to them first.
So I left the length in the timeline.
But I do have the automatic close when video finishes.
Thank you very much.

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