Removing frame around Storyline presentations on Canvas

Feb 09, 2018

Hi everyone!

Could you please help me with something? 

I'm importing Storyline 3 presentations as SCORM content to Canvas to be displayed within a Canvas page rather than as ungraded assignment (I use them to deliver the content of the course). The thing is that the presentations are showing perfectly on my my computer (using any Internet browser) but aren't on my mobile phone - showing a vertical black frame around the presentation itself. Any idea I can remove that black frame? Do you think it's a Canvas issue or Storyline? 

Thank you so much in advance!


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Crystal Horn

Hi Belén!  Thanks for the screenshot - it definitely helped me to understand what you're seeing.

Storyline is using the responsive player, and it looks like it is in portrait orientation.  The Storyline course is still contained within the Canvas interface, so it doesn't have a lot of room for your content.

Are you able to have the Storyline course launch in a new window independent of the Canvas interface?  You can choose that option in the Player Properties pane:

Let me know if that option works for you!


A little late to the party, but did you find the way to remove that awful frame from Canvas LMS? I am having the same issues and can not find how to. The only thing that works is hosting the Articulate Storyline course elsewhere and embedding it in a page in Canvas but then you would not have reporting. 

I think this is not a problem with Storyline, but I guess is on Canvas LMS side.  

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