Removing Sound form Screen Reocrdings & Adding Voiceovers

Oct 12, 2018


I am looking to remove the background noise from my screen recording and add voiceovers. To add the voiceovers, I need to watch the video and talk through it.

1. How do I remove background noise?

2. How do I play my screen recording slide while I record my voiceovers?


Thank you in advance!

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Katie Riggio

Welcome to the Articulate family, Samantha ..and great questions! šŸ‘‹

While there isn't a built-in option to remove background noise from a screen recording, one idea can be to muteĀ theĀ recording's volume and re-record the narration. Here's how:

Click on theĀ recording youĀ need to edit, then go to theĀ OptionsĀ tab on the ribbon. From there, click on Video Volume and select Mute.

When you're ready to add a new narration, head over to theĀ InsertĀ tab on the ribbonĀ > click theĀ AudioĀ drop-down arrow > selectĀ Record Mic.Ā If you have a script, you can add it to the slide notes. More on this handy option here!

Additionally, here are some conversations that might be helpful ā¤µ

Hope those help, and feel free to share your project file with us for a little testing either by adding it as an attachment orĀ submitting to us privately. We'll have a listen, andĀ make some tailored solutions!Ā 

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