removing the little hairline around my logo in the player...

Sep 02, 2012

Hi folks --

I put our logo into the logo slot in the Player window.

The player window put a hairline aound my logo graphic...

I looked carefully at the "Player Colors" sheets, which specify all those colors you can customize. BUT, around the logo, I can only see

logo > bg

logo > shadow

...  these two do not influence that little grey hairline around my logo itself.

See attached logo and look for the THIN rectangle placed around the USAID logo.  Know how to remove it?

THANKS!!! --eric

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Trond Kristiansen

Try to use a png file with a transparent background. The jpeg har a white background. The png has a transparent background and the  the background color in the player matches the color in the logo. To create the png i converted a eps file to a png with a transparent background in Photoshop, but you can do the same with other editing programs(powerpoint too).

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