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May 28, 2013

Hello everyone,

My customer has requested that I add their logo to the player. I've added it with the same background color as the player, but no matter how I edit the player, there is always has a thin border around the outside edge.Here is what it looks like (this is the bottom right corner).

It would be best if there was no box around the logo. In Player Colors and Effects I've made the logo bg and logo shadow transparent. I've also made them the same color as the player. Am I stuck with this box? If so, I may put in removing it as a feature request.



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Julia,

I know that by modifying the border and shadow for 100% transparency, it helps when the background of the player is a different color, but I haven't seen a way to hide this when you're using the same color. 

I've been playing around with this, but still haven't been able to get that thin line to disappear when using the same background color as the logo color. Afraid I will have to suggest a feature request at this point. 

If you find a way, or if anyone else does, I'd love to hear about it :) 


Jeff ("JP") Redman

You could, and I often did, do this in Presenter '09.

All you had to do was publish the presentation, then put the logo as a .swf file into the "player" folder and add four or five lines of code into the "playerproperties.html" file in the "data" folder and you were good to go.

Is everyone saying there isn't any analogous process in Presenter '13?


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