Please help, I need a way to put the logo to the top, for client

Sep 27, 2014

Please Help,

I'm truly needing help here, I love Storyline, but I'm in a situation where the client has asked for me to move the location of the logo to align with the top of the player (the left side, I made the area behind the menu and logo the same color as the background, so the logo looks odd floating low.  I want to just upload a square area that is a solid color matching the background, so it looks blank.

Then in the exported HTML file, for HTML5 and for putting HTML above the .swf file, so I can position a logo with HTML which I'm not good at doing.  I made a div and got text above the player like top of page, but I need it overlaying, then I am not sure if I need a table or how to position my logo once it's in above the .swf to a location that could be tied to the top location and left location of the menu area, so if browsers resize, or other things, then it is positioned to the player and not just the whole outer Div I made.

If anyone could send me sample code, for placing a logo above the Flash Player or HTML5 player too, in a similar position, then only adjusting h and w on my own, then I would pay if needed.  Or point me how to put a logo above a .swf tutorial.

I'm also looking to put text below the player, but in the HTML code I'm guessing is the only way. so this would be a similar need to attaching x and y to the player but this time right and bottom and say "Powered By, Main Interactive, LLC"

Please Help!


Kyle G. Main

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