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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Rachel:

Are you working in Studio 13? Or Storyline? The players look so similar these days it's hard to tell.

Where is that Occupational Exposure title coming from? Is it present in your notes panel below the slide? If so, you should be able to just remove it from your notes panel. Or have you've renamed a glossary interaction "Notes" or something? With a bit more info, I'm pretty confident we can help. --Daniel

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Rachel,

If I'm interpreting correctly, yes, you can eliminate this.

I'm assuming (oot-oh) that the title is being picked up from the slide title, i.e. as in the slide shown top left of image below. And, you can see the results in preview mode top right.

In the duplicate slide, bottom left of image, you can't see it, but I typed a space to replace the title. And, you can see the results in preview mode, bottom right.

Caryn Carman

Hi guys!

Is there any news on being able to simply shut-off the slide titles for Notes? I've used color matching in the past but if one creates custom colors in a scheme, there's no way to precisely duplicate it in other features (unless your memory for color formulas is amazing, which mine is not).