Rendering errors in french

Aug 15, 2012

Hey everyone

There seems to be a problem with rendering the accents in french in a sequence drag and drop exercice.

In storyline, my step have french accents like shown in the following img.

When i publish, all my accents disapear.

Looks like its like thats only for this type of exercice. In a normal lets say Mutiple choice, all the accents are shown.

Has anyone else noticed that, reported it, found a solution, is there a patch i can apply?

Thanks in advance!

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Nathalie Kustcher

Hi there!

thanks for answering

i will open the ticket and list all the problems i face with it, including not being able to open my file anymore.

I have to wait until i'm home tho, because at work, the PC i have installed storyline does't have a network connection.

It will take a couple days as i amĀ  on a work trip in another city.

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