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Is there any way to renumber my scenes? I have a main menu page, which links to my scenes, so users can visit them in any order. But the scenes are numbered oddly, and also appear in a starge order in story view. It works fine for the user, and no-one except me will ever know, but it looks messy, and I keep losing scenes and thinking I've deleted them by accident... 

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Becky Evens

Thats great thanks! I've renumbered my scenes, which is great, but I'm now having difficulty getting them to appear int he right order. They are all linked from one menu page, so all 9 of my scenes appear under my menu page,parallell with each other. Thats fine, but what I cant work out is why they are in an odd order. They started off totally random, I thought, and then I realised it was related to theorder of the triggers on the menu page, so Ireordered the triggers, andnow they are all backwards!

Felipe Villegas

Four years later, and still no improvement on this issue? How I wish I could use the Story View in complex branching projects. I wish I could renumber scenes, and in general, just organize the story view using drag n' drop controls. (The cut-and-paste workaround posted in the video above breaks all triggers; works fine for a simple project with sample, empty slides, but not for real work.)

William Johnston

I can't figure out how to remove the numbers and would like to do so because they are messing up the order of items in the Menu - I keep having to move that rogue section into its rightful place.  In the past, when I have moved a section in Story View to a new location, the numbers have automatically updated, but not in this case, which leads me to think that there is now something wrong with the application.  Please advise.  Thanks.

Alyssa Gomez

Hey there William!

Sorry for the confusion. The scene numbers in Story View are generated based on the order in which you created them. Moving the scenes to a different location in Story View won't change the scene numbers--this is consistent in all versions of Storyline.

You mentioned wanting to turn off the numbers in the menu, and there's an easy way to do that! Simply click Player > Menu > Additional Options (gear icon). Then, be sure "number entries in the menu automatically" is unchecked. 

William Johnston

Sorry, Alyassa, I have to disagree.  In the last seven or eight years that I have used Storyline (1, 2, 3) I have always moved scenes around in Story View, and the numbers assigned to the scenes have always automatically updated.  As I mentioned, when I refresh the Menu, it following the scene numbering in Story View, which in this instance is wrong, and I have to manually reposition scene 6 where it belongs, after scene 1 (see attached screenshot).  This is happening even after I have turned off automatic numbering in the Menu, clicked OK, OK again for the Player and reopened the Player.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there William!

It sounds like you've been able to click and drag scenes in older versions of Storyline. While I can click and drag individual slides, I cannot click and drag scenes. Here's a video of that behavior in Storyline 1, 2, and 3.

Could you also share a video that shows me how you can click and drag scenes in the older versions of Storyline? Thanks!

William Johnston

I have never been able to drag scenes around - sorry for my choice of the word "move".  In Story View I use the cut/paste method to move scenes around.  In the Player Menu, I use the up/down arrows to reposition items.  Thanks for the video demo, but I understand these fundamentals.

The attached video shows what I've been trying to do, in this case successfully by cutting/pasting scenes.  You will see that the scenes renumber themselves.

Then I went back to investigate my original file and discovered that I had shot myself in the foot.  I have my own Previous and Next arrows.  I mistakenly set the Previous arrow's trigger to go to the target scene, and the Next arrow was left triggerless.  This is what was causing the problem. 

Now that I have righted the ship, the scenes are renumbered automatically just way I expected them to be.

Thanks for following this, lesson learned!

Paula Obrien

The biggest issue is how the menu auto generates with Module 1 in the wrong place if it wasn't created first. Because I didn't realize how this would impact the menu, I started creating the course with intro and mod 1 in one scene. Then I realized I should have a new scene for each module, and created modules 2-3. I wanted to change gears and create the knowledge check before I added my final module, and did so, then split Intro and module 1 into separate scenes, so my menu and my scenes were a mess.

I found it to be much easier to create a new project, import Intro from the convoluted project, set Intro in the new project as the starting scene, delete the default scene that was created. With a fresh new start, I imported module 1 from the original messy project, then module 2, then three, then four, then knowledge check, and finally my conclusion slide. This gave everything the correct number and order, and also resulted in a menu that was auto-generated perfectly. All I needed to do was re-link the modules and knowledge check from the main menu to the start of each scene. It took about five minutes, whereas trying to research a way to order the scenes and get the menu fixed took over an hour, with no good process to fix the problem permanently, and I had gotten more frustrated by the situation.