Renumbering "Scene" numbers in "Story view"

Hi all,

I have edited the project that im working on a few times and now the Scene numbers are out of order.
Now id like to print the project and when i do that it will print the project by the scene numbers which are not in the right order.

My question is How can i change the "Scene" numbers in "Story view"

I had a look at the other articles in Articulate community and i found articles about customizing the player menu and other things but no one clearly talks about Renumbering "Scene" numbers in "Story view"

So i appreciate if anyone can help me with that

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Jane Sullivan

I have tried to re-order scenes using the instructions above and in the video.  The scenes play in the appropriate order but in the menu, they retain the original numbers.  I tried resetting the contents of the menu (in the player) to no avail.  Can you help me both re-order the scenes and have them display in the correct order and with the correct numbering in the menu.