Repeating Quizzes

Jul 10, 2018

In my tutorial I have several quizzes and each quiz must be passed before they can move on.  I want students who don't pass a quiz to take it again before they move on.  It looks like if you back up (press previous) you can't re-answer a question.  How do I make it so they can repeat a quiz?  Do I use the "Failed" layer to add a button that sends them back to the beginning of the quiz?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Jean

do you want them to have

  1. multiple attempts at a quiz question when they are attempting it or
  2. multiple attempts at the quiz when they have finished all questions and failed?

If it is No. 1 - change the attempts from 1 to xx and then they will receive a Try Again layer if they get it wrong.

If it it No.2  - ensure you have a 'reset results' trigger on the Retry Quiz button that sits ABOVE the jump to slide trigger. Have the quiz slide 'revisit property' set to 'automatically decide'.

Jean Luyben

It's #2.  How do I set the quiz slide to automatically decide on the revisit property when it's drawing from a question bank?  Do I need to set that on every slide in the question bank?  If it's the default, I shouldn't need to change it.

It would be good if they got different questions from the draw, but that's not essential.  I just don't want them to see how they answered it last time.

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