Replace Icons in Templates?

Hi all. New user here. Leveraging templates to get up and running quickly, but I can't find a way to replace icons on slides (for example the light bulb icon in the hex shape on the introduction slide in Quantum template), while still preserving groupings and linkages. I know I must be missing something simple here. I only see one old forum post about this with no answers. Help appreciated!

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Brian,

Using the lightbulb icon replacement as an example, the simplest solution is to select the item (this will highlight the group Item 01) and ungroup the group.

Then select and delete the icon and replace it with the new icon of your choice. Now all you need to do is to re-select all of the components in the original group plus the new icon and group them again.

Finally, rename your new Group 1 back to Item 01 and recreate any links and you're done.