Replacing existing buttons (only appearance)

Jul 08, 2019

Hey everybody,

I' ve got a fairly big e-learning with existing buttons. I would like to replace those buttons without having to redo the triggers and variable changes etc. Is there an easy way to do this? I think they are ready made buttons. It would cost me a whole lot of time replacing these one by one.

Many thanks.


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Tom Kuhlmann

It depends on how the buttons were created and put on the slides.

  • If they're on master slides, then you just need to change them on the layout and you're done.
  • If they're images, you can change the images using the media library (assuming you're in Storyline 360)
  • If they're individual button shapes on each slide, you have to modify them slide by slide. It's possible that you could modify one and then use format painter to quickly modify the others, but it depends on what you're doing.

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