Replay videos not playing in published Storyline 2 content?

Feb 06, 2015

Hi all,

We are experiencing difficulties with Replay (MP4) videos which we have placed into Storyline 2 courses.  The videos run perfectly in Preview mode, but do not play when published to our LMS.

I'm aware of previous threads around MP4 videos and server configuration issues, but I don't think those apply to our situation because we have some other Storyline (1) content containing MP4 videos (not from Replay) on our LMS which work fine. 

If anybody has any ideas or suggestions they would be gratefully received.

Many thanks,



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Sara Haynes

I had the same problem viewing videos in published courses locally on my Mac. It turned out the culprit was the security settings on my Adobe Flash Player.  I resolved it by loosening the security settings.  Now the videos play perfectly.  Here's an article that explains.

Hope this helps!!  If you are using IE or some other browser, there is probably an equivalent security setting you can manipulate...

Anne Keeley

Thanks for sharing Sara.

Also, my apologies Ashley and Wendy for not coming back to you sooner to thank you for the support with this.

During testing our videos spontaneously started working, despite no obvious changes being made to our environment which would have enabled this.  I'd love a concrete explanation of what was causing the issue, but I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth!  We went ahead and published and our users haven't experienced any issues.

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