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Lisa Emmington

Thank you so much for all the help,  I do have one other question relating to videos.  Is there a way to stop the video replaying if a learner clicks on it.  I have videos which fill the entire screen with customised navigation buttons overlaid.  If the learner misses the Next button for example, and clicks the video instead, it replays from the beginning.  Is there any way to stop this?

Crystal Horn

Hi Lisa!  You might be able to use an invisible shape over the video to stop that behavior; if there is no trigger associated with the shape, clicking on it will not have any result.  You would have to squish it between your video and your captions on the timeline.

I wasn't sure, though, if you wanted the learner to be able to click the video to replay.  If you used my workaround, you'd need another method to replay the video (video controls or a button to replay, e.g.).  If you wanted it to play automatically upon revisiting the slide, you would be sure to have that video set to play automatically, as well.