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Dec 03, 2013


Is there away to see, print or email the answers a learner has chosen in a quiz. 

For example I would like the learner to complete a series of questions and then be able to see which answers they got right and which they got wrong, then we can concentrate on those areas that need extra support.

If it is possible can it be saved a a documnet or pdf after the quiz has been submitted?

Thank you


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ken,

Storyline does not include an email results trigger, although I have seen community members discuss using some Javascript to email the results. 

You can add a print results feature to your results slide, as you'll see in the options set up:

 If you do this, you can also mark the box that follows, which causes Storyline to prompt the users for a name before printing.  If you do that, Storyline will add the user’s name to the header of the printed report. When the user clicks the print results button on the Results slide, it will open up a browser window that they'll be able to print or save as a PDF.

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