Nov 12, 2015

Does anyone know how to update the report.html file to include the answer from one of the questions in a quiz within Storyline? 

We are currently typing in the name of the course directly into the HTML code (see code below), but instead, I want this to be picked up from their choice in Question#1 of the evaluation.



//document.write("<P><H1>" + strTitle + "</H1></P>");

if (g_oPrintOptions.strName)
if (g_oPrintOptions.strName.length > 0)
document.write("<CENTER><I><H2>This certifies:</I></br></br>");
document.write("" + g_oPrintOptions.strName + "</br></br>");
document.write("has completed the course: </br></br>Enterprise Risk Management Base Concepts Course");
// document.write("" + strTitle + "</br></br>");
document.write( FormatDate(g_oContentResults.dtmFinished));
// document.write("Score: " + g_listQuizzes[g_oPrintOptions.strMainQuizId].nPtScore + "</br></br></H2>" );
document.write('<center> <input type=button onClick="window.print()" value="Print This Page"/> </center>');


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