Report Interaction Answers Independent of Completion/Passing Status?

Feb 24, 2017

Hi Heroes!

Is there a way to report the individual answers to two separate quizzes to an LMS while only basing completion and pass/failure on one of the quizzes? We're testing this in SCORM 1.2 format. 

In our course, we have two separate multiple choice quizzes.

The first is simply a 'benchmark' quiz. The answers need to be tracked but there is no right or wrong answer and these questions should not affect the learner's score or pass/fail status. We're looking to aggregate these responses on the back end for metrics. Right now the learner's responses to these questions are sent to one Results Slide. 

The second interaction is a final quiz that the learner needs to pass with 80% to complete the course. We submit these questions to a second Results Slide and track course completion and success on this slide.

In our test on SCORM Cloud, we're getting all of the learner responses from the second results slide (where completion is tracked), but we're not seeing any individual answers from the first results slide. We need to capture the individual responses in from the first quiz for our metrics, but we can't have the course pass/fail dependent on these questions. 

Any advice?

Thanks in advance!

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Amy Lewis

Hi all, I figured it out and thought I'd post the solution in case anyone else has the same question.

I ended the course with a new Results Slide that tracks based on the other two Results Slides rather than via individual questions. I've attached a screenshot of the final results slide settings. Include all results slides and select that the user must pass each quiz.

Because the first 'test' is just a pretest with no correct answers, I set it up as a series of Survey questions. If you have Question questions you may need to set the passing rate to 0% for this first pretest.

For the final test we still set the pass/fail threshold at 80%. This determines whether the user sees the 'Success' or 'Failure' layer on the final test (second of three Results slides).  I replaced the text on these layers with triggers to jump to the final course-level Results slide (third of three Results slides) when the timeline of the layers starts. Because they're required to pass both course quizzes to pass the course, if they've failed the final test they will see the 'Failure' layer on this final Results slide. If they've passed the final test they'll see the 'Success' layer because they have now passed both quizzes.

For the 'Success' and 'Failure' layers of the final (third) results slide, I copied over the text from the Graded Results from the test's (second) results slide so that the learner sees their score for the test even though the system is submitting results for the overall course.  The 'Failed' layer prompts them to close the course and then restart, and the 'Success' layer lets them close out. Both actions submit the status and responses to the LMS.

You may be wondering why I physically transferred the text from the second Results Slide to the third rather than simply submitting the third results from within the second slide. It turns out you MUST physically view the final results slide for it to submit the information to the LMS and you cannot remotely trigger the results submission. No idea why.

This reports the answers to every question to the LMS but allows me to base the test on only the 'final test' results since those results determine if they have passed every quiz in the course and therefore pass or fail the course overall.

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