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May 09, 2024

Hi all,

I was looking for a way to have at the end of a quiz the list of all the questions with the right answer and the learner's answer. The same as in the "Print" but with a custume design.

Is it possible?

BTW: the "Review" it seems not t o work for me: it gives me "incorrect answer" even to the right one...


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Andrew Hanley

It sound like the "Review Quiz" is actually what you need.

Its probably not working for you because your slides have their properties set to "Reset to Initial State" and not "Automatically Decide". This way they will always show as INCORRECT, even if you got them correct.

Try changing the slide property and Im guessing Review will work correctly - which might give you the list of all the questions that you need.

editha srl

Thanks Andrew, now it works!

But "Review" seems to represent the questions as you have to answer again: you press "submit" and then it says "Correct" or "Incorrect" and go to the next question.

I would like to have questions with right answer and learner's answer as a list... exactly as "Print" does, but with a bad layout.  

May be I'm asking too much!