Reporting a game score result to LMS

Mar 07, 2014

We thought we would try something different instead of a basic quiz, so we downloaded and customized the Trivia Game template from eLearning heroes.  We added the game in a new scene and we get to it from last slide in the course.

Now what i am trying to figure out is how to pass the score to the LMS in order to have the course marked as complete. I know that normally you need a results slide. Can i add a results slide - have the score be passed onto that slide and then reported? And if so how? Can the results slide be hidden since i really don't need it, since the game has a result layer?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Regina,

I'm not sure which "Trivia game template" you're using, as there are a number of community generated examples and even a few in our Downloads section, but if there is a question slide associated with the game, you could add a results slide to track that question and report it to your LMS. You'll want the users to visit that slide to submit the completion to your LMS but you could customize it so that it doesn't appear as a traditional results slide and even remove elements of the users score, etc. This tutorial on how to report completion based on visiting a particular slide will provide some guidance in that area. 

gisela vercellino

Hi there,

I´m having the same issue as Regina mentioned. I'm using a game that I´ve download from Elearning Heroes, it has a slide for introduction and a layer for instructions, a slide for questions and some layers for each question (tht´s the way its designed) and a results slide that works correctly. However when I go to "publish" LMS - Tracking the option "track using results slide" is not available and no result slide is even shown.

How can I solve this? I need to use this game and also track results using the result slide....

Thanks in advance! (and sorry if my english is not good enough!)

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