Reporting on a numeric variable

May 26, 2020

Hi all

I am creating a scenario based module where people start with 10 points and they can lose or gain points based on the decisions they make throughout the module.

For example, it they make a bad choice I minus 1 point off the numeric variable.

The points are visible on the screen at all time so that they can see how they are progressing.

Is there anyway that I can pull all of this information through onto some sort of results slide so that it can be reported on within an LMS?

Thank you 

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Sam Hill

Hi Steven, others might have better suggestions, but I think one solution would be to create a Fill-in-the-blank question slide. You could then set the value of the text field entry as your variable value when the slide loads. You could have the text entry field off screen so the user cannot interact with it. You could then submit this question and the data would be stored on the LMS. This is a rough sketch of an idea, but I think it would be possible.

Steven Haigh

Thank you Sam

So i am giving the participants 10 points to start off with and deducting points per mistake, so if they get one thing wrong they will lose a point and therefore only get 90% and if they lose another point they will get 80%, so on and so forth.

So if i put 10 in that first numeric filed it will then be able to track that as the total possible score and work out a % based on what points they get against that initial numeric value?

I hope that made sense.



Sam Hill

Hi Steven, that is a little more complex as you would need to do a calculation on  couple of values. Storyline doesn't provide this capability and so it would need to be completed in JavaScript. What's your JavaScript like?

You might also want to look at using question slides, and a quiz result so that a percentage based score is stored on the LMS. Have you looked at this already, or are you already using a quiz in the module? This way you can just track your 10 points independently of the actual score that is being stored on the LMS. This sounds like the best option to be honest, unless as I said, you are already using a quiz that is storing a score on the LMS.

Sam Hill

Hi Steven, yes, definitely. In the example I provided, that is the idea. Your variable would be the equivalent of the "points" variable in my example. You would just need to have the question slide and results slide I have in the example, and assign your variable to "savedpoints" as I demonstrate. This score would then be saved to a SCORM interaction and available for reporting via interactions.

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