Reporting out on Quizzes within an Articulate Storyline file

Hi there,

I have created an articulate module that includes quiz slides throughout the module.  For example, we have a video slide and then the next slide includes a quiz question.  We have multiple quiz slides and I wanted to see how to publish the module to allow us to see what questions the users are getting wrong, how many times did they attempt the quiz, etc.

Now, the quiz slides within the module are set up so that the user cannot move on to the next slide until they get the right answer.  We would like to be able to see how many times they answered incorrectly and what the incorrect answers were that were selected.  That being said, is it possible to publish the module via LMS so that we can track the information I mentioned above?

Any feedback or suggestions are much appreciated.


Gabe Solberg

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Crystal Horn

Hi Gabe.  That's a really good question.

Storyline can restrict navigation and question attempts (as you've seen).  And Storyline will report on the results of those interactions to the LMS.  The results slide is the mechanism that reports to the LMS, and it is only keeping track of the last information submitted from the interaction.

So using Storyline alone won't yield information about all individual question attempts to your LMS.  Once the question is finally answered correctly and the user can move on, that "correct" response is what is sent to the results slide.

I'll defer to the community if there are some outside-of-the-box ideas for getting that sort of analytical data from a course.