Republishing course with new versions of videos

May 03, 2022

Hello. I initially published a course for LMS with numerous videos that were ~30MB each. I then used Camtasia to create new versions of the videos with smaller file sizes. About 15 MB each. Then back in SL 360 I deleted the 30 MB video versions and added the 15 MB versions.

When I republished the course, the resulting zipped file size was the same as the first published version that used the 30 MB. In looking at the story_content folder I see the video files are all the same size as the original versions. 

Also when I republish it doesn't appear SL is re-rendering the videos, as I don't see a message indicating that stage of publication process.

How can I re-publish so that SL uses or produces my 15 MB video versions? 

I have tried doing a Save As, renaming the SL file and publishing. That did not work.

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Andrea Koehntop

Hi Thomas! Thank you for sharing detailed information on what you are experiencing when trying to change your videos in Storyline, and the steps you have tried so far.

Here's an article that may help you ensure you have high-quality images and videos for your Storyline project

I suggest you start with a brand new .story file and move your project material there. Then try resaving with a new name and publish, and see if that does the trick.

Please let me know if you need additional assistance! 

Thomas Gora

Hello. I lowered the compression setting and that caused the video to re-encode when I re-published it.  So I guess that is the workaround.  But I think there is a bug. If you replace a video file, SL should automatically re-encode it when you re-publish it. You shouldn't have to change compression settings to trigger a re-encoding of the video file.

Andrea Koehntop

Hi Thomas, I am happy that you could find a workaround!

A project file might not immediately shrink in size when you delete a video. This is because Storyline keeps deleted assets temporarily after you delete them in case you need to click Undo to restore them. The good news is your project file will eventually shrink, usually after saving it a couple of times. 

Please let me know if you need additional assistance with this issue!