Requesting feedback on choosing a good LMS with Articulate in mind

Feb 18, 2016

My company just kicked out a project to find an implement a corporate LMS. We use Articulate Storyline and Replay to produce some screencasts and training modules and I am very interested in receiving feedback from the Community regarding their experience and recommendations with LMS's that play well with Articulate products. We have around 400 employees worldwide with divisions in different countries. Our main features for the LMS are as follows:

* Accessibility – Ease of access to content for end users, accessible on multiple platforms such as desktop, mobile, etc.
* Administration – Ease of back-end administration and limited reliance on IT for implementation and support
* Push & Pull Capability 
* Delivery – Ability to deliver training content for a variety of platforms (i.e. microblasts, video, audio, Storyline, PowerPoint, classroom style registration)
* Interactive – Ability to incorporate interactive components such a quizzes, open-ended responses, polling, q&a, etc.
* Tracking & Accountability Features 
* Learning Assessment/Reinforcement – Ability to measure comprehension and retention of information, identify trends and learning needs, reinforce and revisit key points
* Cost
* Reporting Features

I would really appreciate your ideas,



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Bill Kelleher

Hi Miriam,

One of my favorite LMSs to use is Litmos, by CallidusCloud

Accessibility – It allows users to access it from any platform, and the way it adds files to the course (which I'll get to shortly) allows a whole slew of content to be added and accessed by the user.

* Administration – The back end is so easy to use, and seems to be set up with more of a non-technical user in mind. There is also full branding customization available (which does require knowledge of CSS though), as well as a number of integrations, some, but not all of which may require some help (i.e. connecting an ecommerce suite to your system.

Additionally, adding content to the course is as simple as adding files. You can publish and zip Storyline content and add it as a zip file, but you can also add videos, pdfs, and other files to the course player, and then set each item's attributes. These items can then be easily added to other courses, if you are sharing any content among courses.

Users can be added individually and in teams, with the ability to set users up with limited management capabilities for their employees. Courses can be added individually or in learning paths (curricula).

* Push & Pull Capability - Users can request access to a course, or can be assigned to a course by admins to team leaders.

* Delivery – Has the ability to distribute all content or schedule instructor led training sessions. Can integrate with some tools for greater capability. There is some limit to the options here, however.

* Interactive – Features a range of built-in tools to create interactive items.

* Tracking & Accountability Features- Dashboard for Admins, and many pre-built reports. I believe you can create custom reports as well.

* Learning Assessment/Reinforcement – There are tools that allow you to create assessments and other activities to gauge learner retention 

* Cost - Depends on number of users, but the cost is billed based only on Active users per month.

 Also love Skillsoft and Cornerstone On Demand.

Hope this helps!

Eric Petersen

I use Elan from it's a really good looking and easy to use LMS that was built from the ground up with corporate users in mind...   that said when you build a new LMS ground up there are going to be bugs in the system and we find things now and then.  But the service is pretty good and they help us work it out.  The cool thing is that it also comes with a bunch of stock content, like management and sales courses, even some HR stuff.  

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