Reroute submit button after initial attempt at answering quiz question.

Apr 25, 2019

Hi everyone, 

There are 3 choices on my quiz feedback.....correct, incorrect and try again. Right now the submit button always routes to try again. But, I'm only giving the learners 2 tries to get it correct. If on the first attempt, the learner answers the quiz question incorrectly, the feedback is "try again" and when they click "continue" they are taken back to the screen that gives the info they need to correctly answer the question. Once they go back to the quiz question, if they answer incorrectly, I want them to be routed to the "incorrect" layer that gives them the correct answer. 

I can't figure out how to "reroute" the submit button interaction so that on the second attempt it takes them to the "incorrect" layer rather than the "try again" layer. 

Thanks for the help. 


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Lynn Hooper

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for the reply. It's already set at 2 attempts but I don't think I
did a very good job of explaining what I want to happen.
- With the first incorrect answer, the submit button takes the learner to
the "Try Again" layer, which tells them to reread the scenario.
- When the "continue" button is clicked on the "try again" layer, the
learner goes back to the scenario.
- The "next" button on the scenario screen takes the learner back to the
question, which has been reset to it's initial state.
- If the answer is incorrect a 2nd time, I need the submit button to take
them to the "incorrect" layer which now gives them the correct answer.

The last step is where I'm getting tripped up. I've tried using a number
variable on the submit button with a trigger to take them to incorrect
layer but that's not working either. Does this make sense?



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