Correct feedback layer in quiz does not appear again when clicking on submit button

Jul 29, 2019


I have decided to set up my quiz slides in a new way and I'm facing problems.

Up until now, I never had a "next button" in the questions, and once the user submitted the answer, they would get a "correct" or "incorrect" feedback layer with a "continue" button that would take them to the following slide. However, the feedback I got is that they cannot go back and see the question and what they answered because the question is behind the feedback layer.

I've decided to take action and I have set it up like this:

I have enabled the next button (so they could actually skip the question if they wanted) and once they click on submit, they get the correct or incorrect feedback layer. This layer now contains a "close" button that they can click and the layer will disappear so they can see the question and their answer again. Then, once they are done looking at it, they can either click on the next button and move to the next slide, or click again on submit to get the feedback layer again (even if they cannot change their answer because I just allow 1 attempt). My issue comes here: if they answer incorrectly and if once they get the feedback layer they close it and later they click again on submit, then the feedback layer is displayed again, no matter how many times you repeat this action. However, if the answer is correct, and they close the feedback layer to see the question and answer; if they click on submit, the correct feedback layer is not displayed again, so there is no action happening. They will need to understand that the only option is to click on the next button and move forward.

My questions are:

1. Is there a smarter way to set up the quiz/feedback layers regarding the navigation?

2. Why doesn't the correct feedback layer show on screen like the incorrect one does, when clicking on submit again?

3. How to hide the next button when the timeline starts before they click on submit? I would be able to do that in the courses where I have my personalized submit button, setting up a trigger, but when I choose to have the default submit button, I cannot set up a trigger that the next button appears once the submit button is clicked on. And actually I wouldn't need a next button if I didn't have the problem of the correct layer not being displayed again.

Thanks in advance for your support!

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Jerry Beaucaire

My first thought is it will be less work on you and your students overall if you adjust your layout and the FEEBDACK MASTER slides so that the Correct and Incorrect answers appear without covering the content.

Just having Correct appear is OK, better is a confirmation of the key detail.   In the INCORRECT feedback version, the same feedback is critical because it is giving the corrected info.

Here's an example:


It should be a lot less work for you and less clicks for the student.  They can see everything still.

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