Reset a custom drag and drop interaction via triggers?

Mar 29, 2021

Is it possible to reset a drag and drop interaction to it's default state through triggers etc. I am aware that you can do this as a slide property setting e.g. reset to initial state on revisiting the slide. But can it be done in any way via triggers?

Or is there a way to use the property setting so that under some circumstances the slide resets to initial state but under other conditions it does not?

Any help much appreciated

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Walt Hamilton


Here is a sample that contains lots of nifty options for custom DnD, including resetting to default state or not. The concept is that it depends on what the submit trigger does. It uses the Submit trigger to either submit a pick One interaction on the same slide, or on a separate slide. On the separate slide, the Try Again button returns to the original slide, which is set to return to Original state on Revisit, which resets all the Drag objects. If you evaluate the results on the same slide, the Try Again layer just hides itself, and the objects remain in their dropped positions. You can see it in action on the Simple Graphic example at:

Chris Pim

Hi Walt,

Thanks a lot for your reply. Unfortunately I can't open it. I tried on Version 44 and it said I needed to upgrade to the latest version - something about using 'text scrollbars'? When I tried on another machine with the latest version I got the same error message?

Really interested to see if this works for me...can you advise how to open it?