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Aug 30, 2016


I'm having a trouble. I noticed that when I publish my content to html5, one of my screen is broken, it means, all elements from this screen are unvisible but should be visible. I was thinking what could be wrong with this screen and discovered, that when I'm using trigger "reset result slide" on this screen, the trouble happen, when I'm removing this trigger, everything shows correct. This bug is known?  

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Mohammad Guniemat

Hi Leslie,

unfortunately my boss report me a new error with his html5 version which is:

1 slow speed in browsing

2 the system stack in every slide if it has submit interaction (like that which requiered in drag drop activities)

to be honest, i feel upset that articulate doesn't support Html5 to work excellent.

THANKS Leslie for everything.



Leslie McKerchie

Hi Mohammad!

We recommend utilizing one of the supported browsers in this documentation for your HTML5 content. Also, please be sure that you are utilizing the latest update, which is now Update 11.

HTML5 was a priority in our newest launch and you are welcome to check out the comparison here.

Again, just let me know the steps to recreate if you need me to take a look.

Tom Dalgaard Petersen

Hi Leslie,

How is it comming with the original question from Kamil? 

I have found a solution, but it is very querky. From where i want to reset results, i set a variable ex. 0 to 1 and jump to the result slide, if some conditions is met. First thing in the result slide is testing if the variable has changed from 0 to 1. If so, I reset the results, and jump to the first question slide, where I, of course, set the variable to 0 again.

I have had ours of headace over this, and would apprecate that reachable system variables works all over ;-)

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