Reset to initial state is not working

Sep 20, 2017

I created some simple quiz using the pick one, drag and drop, true or false, and pick many templates. This quiz have 10 chapters each chapter have minimum 5 questions and also these chapters are linked. And also I used the menu bar also. My problem is, first I played the chapter 1 and 2 then i selected again the chapter 1 from the menu bar. At that time i cannot click on the answers. Click property is not working. I also set the "reset to initial state" property. but no change. please help me. 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Aiswarya, welcome to the community! I'm happy to lend a hand here. 

With the "Reset to initial state" setting, you should be able to select a new answer when you revisit quiz questions. 

Would you mind if I had a closer look at your file to see what could be causing the issue? You can attach it in a new thread comment using the Add Attachment button. Thanks!


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