Reset to initial state not working on slide layers

Mar 02, 2018

It is sort of hard to explain, so I have attached project file.

It is in french, so please follow these instructions :

1. Please preview slide 1.4.

2. Once it starts, click on the red caption at the bottom with the blue frame.

3. Info will appear after 0.25 seconds. You can now freely navigate the tabs at the top of the window. Info bubbles appear for each tab after 0.25 seconds. You can close info bubble using blue button at the top, and have it appear again with red button same spot.

Problem : If you come back to a tab you have previously seen, the info bubble doesn't re-appear, even though "Reset to initial state" is checked on every layer that triggers these bubbles. You have to manually click my red button at the top.

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Crystal Horn

Hi Jean-Philippe.  Thanks so much for those testing instructions.  I see what you're describing.

I deleted some of the layers to make your project a little more manageable for testing, and I found that if I selected "Hide other slide layers" on Nature and Situation layers, and their respective Info layers, clicking on the tab to revisit those layers worked as expected.

Have a look at the modified file and tell me if that works for you!

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