Reset to Initial state not working on slider.

I have a page with 2 slider interactions on it. I am treating it like a quiz question. However, the "reset to initial" state is not working on the slide. I have bypassed it by manually resetting the sliders to 0 when the learner clicks next/previous. Any ideas? 

I've attached my example: the first slide is "reset to initial state" the second is where I manually reset the sliders.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Sarah

Revisit option: Reset to initial state

This option if you want the slide to always reset to its initial state when learners return to it. It'll restart from the beginning of its timeline, and interactive objects will return to their initial states.

Variables and states both track information and add interactivity, but they differ in scope and behavior.

States control visual elements for a single slide, while variables control elements across slides, scenes, or an entire project.

Because variables are global to the file - and sliders are controlled by variables you need to manually reset them as you have in slide 2.  They are not reset to initial state on revisit because they are not a 'state'.

Hope that explains it.