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Pär Brink

How is that done?

I have a variable called "text" with a default value.

I have a trigger that adjusts that variable to "text_en" that has some other text as default value. 

In my efforts to reset the variable text, I've tried "adjust variable" 

Variable: text
Operator= Assignment
Value: variable, text

It does not reset the variable text to its default value.

Pär Brink

Typing the value directly into the trigger works for me too.

Using variables as values do not.
This really should be a no brainer, but........

If I have a blank variable for the presented text and then have the english and swedish texts as separate variables, it works just fine.

But why do I need 3 variables instead of just beeing able to reset the initial value of a variable?? 

Pär Brink

Exactly my problem Phil! :-)

I have'nt been able to find a reasonable way to reset the default value in any way using triggers.

Is the answer to this having a "placeholder variable" and the deafult value as a separate variable?
It would increase the variables needed and complexity quite a bit....

Again, Is there really no way to reset a varable to its default value? 

Forgot to thank you earlier for helping out Phil!

Phil Mayor

There is no way to reset to default value, you can only change to a value or a variable value.

You can either have do it like I have with the typed in value, or you will need a Swedish and English variable to hold the values for each slide which will not be idea.

Other ways you can do it is to change state of a text box instead or swap slides so you have an English and Swedish version, all of them are a reasonable amount of work to get what you want.

Pär Brink

Thanks for your quick responses Phil!

Tried the states method, but I found variables are more handy for me, as we re-use a lot of phrases.
I think I just have bite into creating "placeholder variables" in that case..

Do you think it would be an idea to request a reset variable feature?
It would sure help when handling language options.....
The question is if Articulate feela the same way? :-)