Resetting a slide / Fill in the Blank

Jun 08, 2017

Does anyone have a relatively simple solution for resetting a quiz interaction if the user gets it correct?  I have had success using slide properties and telling it to RESET TO INITIAL STATE when revisiting a slide for multiple choice and for drag and drops, but for fill in the blank questions it doesn't clear out the old data.  I guess I am baffled why RESET TO INITIAL STATE when revisiting doesn't take care of the problem.   I swear I am not a robot!

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Wendy Farmer

Add a trigger to set the text entry variable to 'blank' (nothing in the default) value when timeline starts on the slide. This will work if they are revisiting the slide. If you want it cleared when the correct feedback layer closes add the trigger to that layer using 'when the timeline ends' or user clicks a button if there is one

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