Resetting a variable for testing purposes

Hi! This may be a very silly question but I am fairly new to development and like to test my courses with the Preview function. I have created a quiz to limit retries to 2 attempts with a variable, therefore, when I test the variable count is not resetting. I don't think I want to add a reset variable because we are forcing the LMS to block re-entry and request approval/notification after 2 failed attempts of the quiz. I may be totally off here so please feel free to shoot holes in my thought process, but I would really like to reset the quiz retry variable after I test it in Preview mode. Help? Please and thank you!!

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Helena Smith

I want to get the variables to change back and reset after the user completes clicking on all tabs. The Next button is enabled, however if the user decides to go back, the Next tab is disabled, (as it should be) and then the user must click all tabs, but in this instance the Next tab doesn't become enabled.