Storyline 360: Resetting Drag and Drop objects that are within a vertical scroll plane

Aug 24, 2020

Hi everyone, Hope you're keeping well. 

I'm wondering if anyone can tell me if its possible to reset the position for objects that are located within a vertical scroll plane?

Note: I'm using Articulate Storyline 360

I have a slide set up as a free form question (Drag and Drop), and have objects within a vertical scroll plane that can be dragged to a button (rectangle), where the are hidden. However, the problem I'm encountering is when I click on the reset button to reset the slide to its initial state, the draggable objects appear on top of one another behind the scroll plane.

Any help with the above would be greatly appreciated.


Please see attached screenshot which shows what happens when the reset button is pressed: note the object that is located behind the vertical scroll plane.

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Sam Hill

Hi Greg, I think you might be stretching Storyline a bit there, and could have some usability and user experience issues. I personally would be looking to a solution without using drag and drops in conjunction with a scrolling panel.

I'm happy to take a look at your file though and see if I can spot anything obvious causing the issue.

Greg Walters

Hi Sam, many thanks for your reply, most appreciated.

I thought that was the case (pushing Storyline a bit too much). Yes, I know and understand using a scroll panel in conjunction with drag and drop isn't ideal. I was using this (scroll plane) as a means to present 14  'cards' with detailed information on them, as I don't want the user to have deal with thumbnails when trying to drag and drop or have a cluttered, busy screen.

Thanks Sam, in case I'm missing anything, that would be great if you could please take a quick look at the file.

Please find the file attached with this message - the file focuses on the problem area (slide), please note; incomplete/W.I.P file, and only has 4 cards in scrolling area, should have 14 when complete. Just drag cards to blue rectangle on screen, (note 'Literary' card will 'disappear' when dropped onto rectangle), the other cards wont disappear - then press 'reset' button.

N.B, if you click on 'large literary works' or other "large" buttons a large, easy to read version of the card will pop up, with audio description.

Sam, to give some additional context, the link below will take you to the original version of the  card game, if you click on round 1, then select an object in the following screen, finally on the next screen, you can click on the 'tick' icon to view how I handled the scrolling cards originally. 

Link to original game:

Think I may have to redesign this, the joys :).

Thanks again,


Sam Hill

Hi Greg, one solution, in the attached file, is to have the slide completely navigate away from itself, and then return immediately. This completely resets the slide.

The other solution, is to design the D&D a little differently and have the cards appear one at a time and have two Drop Targets (one for the correct answer, and one a trash can). So the user can drag to either drop target. This removes the need for the scroll panel.

Greg Walters

Hi Sam,

Many thanks for your reply and solution - excellent idea! 

Regarding your other proposed solution (thank you), this is something I'll definitely look into. The one item I should have mentioned is, with all of the questions within the card game, there is no right or wrong answer. The concept is, participants will select the cards they can be applied to a particular object or copyright based scenario and then discuss this further with other people online to exchange knowledge and good practice. This is echoing the original face - to face version of the game which this its based on, however possibly a scored version or one with more definitive answers could be something I develop further in the future.  

Hope you have a great day.

Thanks again 


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