Resizing "Try Mode" screen simulations?

Hi, I'm using Storyline 1/Update 7. Trying to create a page with some introductory text in a narrow column on the left, a reserved space in the much wider column on the right, and two buttons at the bottom of the right column labeled Show Me How and Let Me Try.

The idea is that when the learner clicks Show Me How, I want the screen recording video to play back in the reserved space above the Show Me How/Let Me Try pair of buttons. When the learner clicks Let Me Try, I want the set of linked-by-hotspots steps to appear in the reserved space above the Show Me How/Let Me Try pair of buttons (this probably means changing the triggers from slide-to-slide jumps to show/hide layers on the current slide instead).

My problem is that when I insert the Try Mode slides into my Storyline scene, I am unable to copy or resize the individual steps. They seem to be locked to the slide they are on (Copy is greyed out when I right-click).

Is there a way to embed the Try Mode steps into the framework of an existing page?



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Brian Allen

Hello Ray - I had to dig a bit to find this, but check out this thread by Donna Morvan that has a solution for doing what you're trying to do:

Pretty cool idea, but I haven't had an opportunity to try this yet...

Ray Cole

Thanks Brian! I confess, a lot of that was over my head. I am somewhat new to Storyline and will have to experiment. What does Fill Background do? I ask because the other problem I have is that I began my project by importing a basic design from PowerPoint, and the Try Mode steps, when they fill the entire slide, also end up covering the basic frame from my master slide (even when I record at a wider aspect ratio than my slides, so that there is some space above and below the recording--but those spaces are white and they cover the background that should be there from my master slide).

Anyway, thanks again. I will experiment and see if I can make it work. You've given me a good resource!