Resource tab links shows internal server error

Jun 09, 2023

Hi Team,

We are experiencing a SL 360 bug with resource tab links. In the output, the hypertext links are working/loading well, but the same links in the “Resources tab” are not loading and shows the below Internal server error message.

Once we click on the "Reload Site" button, the link is loading correctly.

I have attached a screenshot & sample file for your reference


Midhun kumar

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Jürgen Schoenemeyer

yes it is a bug

url in sample file.story > resource

web player is opening this url

storyline converts "Main%5cprdus" to "Mainprdus" while publishing (-> frame.xml, line 1589)

you should open a support case

but i don't think the error will be solved quickly, you could use a tiny-url service to map the url

 @articulate: another converting bug