Resource tab links not working in published file

I have two links that I've added to the Resource tab.  They work fine within development (when I added them to Resources, I clicked "test" and they open).  However, they are not opening (or doing anything at all) when I publish the course to Review or to SCORM and upload to our LMS (workday).  One is a link to a sharepoint library (internal to our company) and the other is to a specific PDF file saved in that internal sharepoint library.  But, I have other similar links (internal to our company and on sharepoint) that are working just fine. 

Any ideas on what might be causing the issue??

I already tried deleting them, closing and reopening storyline, re-inserting them and republishing.

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Amanda Hebert

I had a similar problem two PDF resources which were not opening.  I tried many fixes and scratched my head for a while on this. 

Ultimately, what I found to be the issue was that both PDF files had an apostrophe in the file name. In the PDF files that were not opening they had the word "thrower's"; when this was changed to "throwers" and re-added to the resources, the problem was solved.    Once that apostrophe was removed the files open as expected. 

I hope that this can help someone else who is experiencing this issue.  I wonder if this may have been Alexandra's issue as well?

Alicia Blitz

I am having a similar issue. The link is to a workspace in our LMS (SABA). The link goes to the LMS and generates an error message that the item does not exist. I can link to other things in the LMS, such as a course with no issue.

I have the same link on a page/screen in the course and it works fine... ???