Resources: any way to divide into sections?

We have a lot of resources and would like to divide them into sections to make the list less overwhelming to the learner. The problem is that it doesn't seem possible to have a line of text in Resources that does not link to a file or URL. 

We would like to do this...

  • Section 1: ABC = text only (not a link to file/URL)
  •     Resource 1 (PDF)
  •     Resource 2 (URL)
  • Section 2: DEF = text only (not a link to file/URL)
  •    Resource 3 (PDF)
  •    Resource 4 (PDF)

... but it doesn't seem possible.

Any suggestions? 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Karen, and welcome to Heroes! 

Within the built in resources tab it would not be possible, although it sounds like a good feature request to be able to section off the resources. You may also want to look at building a more customized resource slide that you could create these sections - you could still add it as a player tab and link to a lightbox slide.  There is an example in this thread that may get you started.