Resources link disappearing from player on certain slides.

Nov 05, 2013

Hello everyone,

 I hope you can help with this emergency question (module has to go live tomorrow morning!)

I just put in a resources link on the player in my Storyline module. When I review the module the resources link disappears each time a slide has a video on it. I will also note that the seek bar is on for each of my video slides. Any ideas why? Since the resources document holds transcripts to the videos, I really need it available on these slides!

Many thanks.

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Noelle T

Thanks, Leslie.

It was because I had put the seek bar on every slide that had a video on it (using the custom slide properties). I then added the resource link globally. So it was showing for all of the other slides, but not the on the slides that I had used the custom settings on. I had to go and check that option off for each of the video slides and then it worked.

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