Resources tab does not open in Windows Explorer


Has anyone encountered a problem where once published, a functioning Resources tab refuses to open (drop down) when clicked over. It works fine when published and viewed on the authoring machine (with Edge browser) but when transferred to another machine (in this case with Explorer browser), the tab refuses to open. Clicking over it simply displays two up and down arrows to the right of the tab.  You can click on the arrows to scroll the resources but only a couple of letters of each resource name displays making it very difficult to use.

Appreciate any help, Thanks, Gord.

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Gordon Mitchell

Hello. I’m running latest version of Storyline 2. I had no problems viewing the Resources tab on the machine on which I authored and published my program. When I send it to another machine, and execute the HTML file the Resources tab won’t open. Thanks for getting back to me.

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Gordon Mitchell

Thanks for your quick reply, Alyssa.

My client needs to access this e-learning program locally from a company shared drive (Web or Timeshare won’t work here). I’m not sure it is a question of locality. When I viewed the program locally using any other browser but Explorer, the Resources tab opened normally. Unfortunately, this client uses Explorer as their default browser for everyone in the organization.

Any history of problems like this specific to Explorer?



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Gordon,

Can you try publishing for CD/local as that is the set up that would be best suited for accessing locally or from the Shared drive. 

As for Internet Explorer, do you know if your clients have Flash enabled? If not, that could be a part of the problem as Storyline 2's HTML5 output didn't support IE versions so it could cause even more issues than just the local/browser security restrictions that Alyssa mentioned. 

Gordon Mitchell

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for your sage advice! I published to CD and the Resources tab
operates normally under Internet Explorer.

Have a great day and thanks again,

Gordon J. Mitchell

Senior Instructional Designer

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